Who we are

  • We are moniva, creative souls, who catch their individual world perception.
  • We are moniva, creative souls, who transfer this perception into colors and forms.
  • We are moniva, creative souls, Monika Jonášová and Ivana Hlavicová, who produce original modern art pictures by unifying with each other.


  • Original modern art pictures that are formed by merging abstract paintings with photographs.
  • Original modern art pictures that we print on canvas or may be adjusted under acrylic glass.
  • Original modern art pictures that we prepare in different sizes.



All original modern art pictures on this website are products from moniva and are generated only from own art material.



Monika Jonášová:

I spent almost my whole childhood and youth in Velke Karlovice, the fairytale region of Valassko in Czech Republic. Velke Karlovice is one of the typical villages here, where there are plenty of enchanting places that tell us of old times. I paint. I place my emotions on canvas. I express my feelings by moving my paintbrush. In the moments when I am melting with the canvas, it feels like if time is standing still. I feel the reality of the moment. I feel happiness. I exist.

„I paint what I feel.“


Ivana Hlavicová:

I come from Sumperk. It´s a picturesque town not far away from the inspiring Jeseniky mountains. I first came into intense contact with photography at the age of 14. It was my grandfather who introduced me to this passion. He showed me how to work with his “Zenit” reflex camera. He also demonstrated how to develop photos in a darkroom. I totally fell for photography a few years later when I bought my first own reflex camera and started travelling. Photography brings joy and gratification to me. I take pictures mostly of architecture, I concentrate on details and interesting objects.

“I photopraph as I see.”


We are Moni and Iva. We are moniva.

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Who we are


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